Saturday, February 12, 2011

RoSoftDownload is now on Facebook

We are now live on the biggest social network in the world. So, if you want to follow our software additions and updates, and be informed about the best programs that appear on the market, you can follow us at RoSoftDownload on Facebook.
Don't forget to "Like us" ;)

Programs needed by any user

I wish to inform about some new and interesting additions and updates of software programs in our website, programs that can be useful for any person that uses a computer.
Let me present some of these programs:
Nero 9 free, a free version of the famous burning tool, that contains all the features needed for writing CD and DVD discs.
SevenMizer - this program will change the look of Win XP by updating it to the appearance and the style of the new, and very appreciated Win7
Virtual DJ, version 7.0.2, an excellent program for those who have a passion about the music.
These are just few examples of the new and cool softwares that have been added to RoSoftDownload.

Friday, July 9, 2010

1.000.000 downloads for HotSpot Shield

We have reached 1.000.000 downloads for HotSpot Shield!!!
This is the first software program from our website that reaches this number of downloads. We encourage all the users interested in protecting their internet activity to download and to use this tool.
With this opportunity, we would like to thank all our partners that have supported us on the road for creating a competitive website, such as software developers, the great teams behind the search engines, most of all to Google, and the users that use our site for finding the software programs they need.
We promise that we will work on future development and improvement to our site.
Thank you all

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Choose Advanced SystemCare

if you are experiencing problems with your computer, or if you just want to improve its behavior, you should consider using a program dedicated to these things. For instance, I decided to select Advanced SystemCare Free, a program developed by IObit.
I will try make a brief presentation of this application. It oofer 4 major features for Windows maintenance : Spyware Removal, Registru Fix, Privacy Sweep, Junk Files Clean. You can automatically repair the detected errors or manually select the files to be repaired. For System diagnose, you also have 4 features : System Optimization, Security Defense, Disk Defragment, Security Analyzer. All these can also perform their tasks automatically. The user doesn't need any programming or advanced operating knowledge to fix these errors, the program corrects these errors.
Based on my experience, I definitely recommend this tool to fix your computer.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Consider the value of video converters

Maybe we are not realizing the value of media converters. Nowadays we need to convert video and/or audio files frequently, to make them playable on our phones, MP3 players, and generally any portable devices. On our website, we try to offer a wide range of media converters, from important producers, such as Tipard, 4VideoSoftt, 4Easysoft, Xilisoft and others.
We are not going to give here all the pages with converters, a simple visit on our Main Page and a search for the conversion type you need will be enough.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Developer Section is now live on RoSoftDownload

Our technical Team is proud to announce the release of the Developer Section at This section is intended for software owners, authors and/or developers that would like to promote their products on our website. The procedure is very simple, it requires an account (a procedure that will only take a minute or two), then the developer can submit the software application to our Editor Team.
For those of you who are interested in this, please visit us at the Developer Section.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Frostwire - free alternative for LimeWire

Built pretty much like LimeWire, on the same Gnutella platform, FrostWire has many of it’s features and functionalities and, fortunately, not as many ads. But, we must admit, Frostwire now comes with a beautiful and sharpened interface with smooth tabs and corners.

FrostWire keeps you informed of the bandwidth, incoming and outgoing connections, and it offers you a chat.

Some of FrostWire features:
* Updated Playlist (drag & drop support, and Playlist rearrange options)
* New Media Player with volume and seek controls (Plays mp3, ogg and wav)
* Support for private torrents
* Greater control over your Shared files
* Add Magnets to Open Dialog
* Improvements in bootstrapping
* Warn When Too Many Files Shared
* Make Ultrapeers ignore partial results
* Mojito DHT capable

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Entertainment at home

Virtual DJ - hot MP3 mixing, designed for every DJ from bedroom DJs to professional superstars.

If you enjpy creating and mixing interesting music, choose Virtual DJ as the perfect tool to use. You will be delighted to discover the effects in this program.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I would like to inform you about a small app that increases and secures internet speed, especially for external sites. You will be able to access web sites overseas as fast as a local site. The application is called FreeGate.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Create a good website

Do you want to build a quality site? Have you faced the problem of configuring the local server? I'll talk about the best free products on the market : Apache, PHP and MySql. If you are a novice, you will have troubles making these 3 programs work together. That is why a recommend to use a program that encapsulates all these : XAMPP. This is an Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl, very easy to install and use.
It provides a Control Panel, that comes in very handy in managing Apache and MySQL.
All you have to do is to download, extract and start using XAMPP. Now that you have a local server, you can start working.
Run Internet Explorer (or other web browser) and write http://localhost. This way you can see if your apache server is properly installed. Your site files must be located in C://xampp/htdocs.
Of course, you also need a good editor for writing the code for your website. I recommend, from the free editors, Notepad++. This is, in my opinion, the best free text editor at this moment.
If you wish more details on how to start building a site, please don't hesitate to write me your questions. I will answer you as fast as I can